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Bullet Statements

When documenting achievements, make it clear exactly what the achievement was and why it was notable. State the positive result of your work.

If possible, describe how the feat aided mission accomplishment.

Be as specific as possible.


-Squadron Safety Manager. Played leading and aggressive role in manning and maintaining 10 command safety programs to FTS and SELRES personnel keeping an outstanding track record of 97% on ESAMS.

-Enlisted Safety Committee Chairperson. Conducts monthly meetings for the squadron safety professional to discuss safety related issues and solutions that affect the command.

-Model of conduct, on and off duty. Volunteered numerous off duty hours to the local community to work with Texas Motor Speedway, NAS JRB Air show food booth and Tarrant County Food Bank. In addition, he coaches 30 young kids for the local LWYA football seniors for the third consecutive year.

Managed removal of flightdeck debris, fuel, oil, hydraulic fluids, and other hazards; kept flightdeck operational despite 50% reduction in equipment availability, ensured zero delays to flightdeck operations.

Soley responsible for all correspondence, telephone communications, filing, and reporting during stand-up of tactical operations Head Quarters; assured mission effectiveness from day one

Diligently monitored performance and performed weekly preventive maintenance on complex submarine communications equipment resulting in zero comm failures in 12 months—a group first!

Authored a comprehensive set of Standard Operating Procedures and trained junior Yeomen to run the ship's office in her absense increasing access to services and improving efficiency without increased budget or personnel. Excellent Management!

An alert and tireless operator, detected unobserved ship activity and approach which led to mission generation and successful neutralization of threat with no loss to battle group.

Mentored all Sailors aboard and set the example for exemplary behavior and the highest standards of customer service. He championed the needs of the crew while maintaining order and discipline.

Performed Collateral Damage Estimates and analysis of over 2,000 joint missions during Operation Enduring Freedom. Attention to detail identified long-overlooked effects, resulted in modified and improved procedures which were adopted theater-wide.

Leads by example. Instituted a Mentorship Program which benefited more than 30 troops; responsible for 100% retention and increased off-duty education by 50%. Reinstated the “Sailors Creed” recital during quarters, embraced, ensured continued Navy tradition.

Outstanding role model. He is the epitome of Navy core values. He demonstrated and practiced fair and impartial management and was directly responsible for increased morale and work center productivity.

Contributed 20 off-duty hours to environmental data migration to new system; reviewed and brought 8 HAZMAT shop folders into compliance; base 100% compliant now, exceeded COMSUBLANT goal by 50%.

Ranked # 1 of 5 highly competitive ITs. IT1 Smith is the most productive and capable Petty Officer assigned. He has my complete confidence and is relied upon heavily for all vital network defense decisions for the USPACOM AOR.

Our most productive Yeoman, he established a working rapport with squadron, servicing PSD, and support agencies that reduced processing time for personnel actions by 50%. His ability was recognized by the XO and he was assigned to train other Yeomen. His talents made him the indispensable right hand to the XO, COB, and management.

Vital team member. Efficiently executed 100% of the exhaustive administrative preparations for more than 250 ship personnel necessary for a deployment vital to national security and a six month operation in the Persian Gulf. Directly responsible for successful operations ISO the Global War on Terror.

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