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If you want to advance in todayís Navy, you have to take responsibility for your actions and look after your own interests.† Yes, itís true that usually we have good supervisors who look after us and guide us into making all the right decisions but thatís not always the case.† Sometimes weíre left on our own and because of our lack of experience, fail to realize the importance of our actions (or inaction).† If one action must be singled out as the most important, it is to prepare for and deliver a sound annual evaluation.

In order to produce the best annual eval, it helps to remember the Evalís purpose: to document performance, provide feedback, and serve as a reference for selection boards. I recommend the following format:

  • The first lines should rank the Sailor and describe character.
  • Accomplishments should be listed in simple cause and effect bullet format
  • Make a strong recommendation for promotion and increased level of responsibility

If I had to summarize what makes a successful evaluation, I would say that it must demonstrate growth or progress and assumption of greater responsibility. It must describe initiative, loyalty, and a willingness to help, and it must contain a promotion statement recommending assignment to the next higher level of responsibility or rank.

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