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Opening Comments

The purpose of the Opening Statement is to describe the character of performance.

It should rank performance and describe those attributes that can’t be expressed in a list of bullet statements. The Opening Statement should illustrate subjective qualities such as leadership, integrity, dependability, and loyalty.

These first lines of the Eval are very important. They’re the first lines the reviewer will read and set the tone for the entire report. These lines should summarize what the rest of the report supports.


constantly delivered outstanding results and consistently went above and beyond the call of duty always willing to volunteer for additonal duties and responsibilites far beyond what was expected of someone in his position. YN2 Stephens' remarkable performance and support over the last several months and thoughout several multi-unit events has been an immeasurable service to both the department and the United States Navy.

Highly skilled and dedicated professional, performance far exceeds expectations; an outstanding asset to this unit.

HM2 Smith is a rare corpsman. He is 100% invested in our Command's goals and pursues them as if they were his own. Although not in charge, he knows the daily status of every program and always has the answers before I ask. He continually evaluates his own performance and strives to exceed every standard.

Petty Officer Smith's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Displays keen interest in work, contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility.

This petty officer is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and pays meticulous attention to detail. Aggressively seeks to aid his work center by training for and accepting new responsibilities. Tireless optimism, a key member..

IT1 Smith is an outstanding leader and manager and totally dedicated to mission accomplishment. He is an intelligent, personable team player with natural ability to motivate civilian and military coworkers.

My #1 of 4 experienced Watch Officers! Trained and developed an efficient and motivated watch characterized by professionalism and pride. Exhibits outstanding analytical skills, maturity in a demanding, complex section.

HM2 Smith has a hard-won reputation for ability and knowledge and knows every inch of his section. His peers and subordinates constantly seek out his advice and I have entrusted him with the fleet's most critical tasks.

Ranked # 1 of 5 highly competitive ITs. IT1 Smith is the most productive and capable Petty Officer assigned. He has my complete confidence and is relied upon heavily for all vital network defense decisions for the USPACOM AOR.

My number one Yeoman. Best and most efficient Yeoman in Second Fleet. Phenomenal professional, his unparalleled level of knowledge and experience in administration and personnel management was vital to the success of operations. Without equal, he is my most productive Petty Officer and sets the example for his peers and subordinates.

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